Thursday, August 2, 2012

Get 'Em While They're Hot!!!

Hey There Girls!
While I am sitting here at the Dental Clinic (committing a mortal sin by sitting here in my pjs, but with my face swollen, I think I can be forgiven for the time being), I thought I'd let you know about a great deal going on right now...

THESE: Kardashian Kollection Paper Bag Shorts from Kardashian Kollection @ Sears
I tried them on, and this is what they look like:

Are currently on clearance at Sears. I've been looking at them for a while now, and finally tried them on last Friday, because I was looking for cute shorts to take with me on vacation. These totally fit the bill – they are high waisted, with a cute ruffle around the waistband and a string tie to add to the cuteness factor (they button close, along with a zipper, so the string is simply a decorative accent). As I browsed online looking for them, I also found other high-waisted shorts that may fit your bill as well, although we do not carry them in my store, they are online and may be in other Sears stores (so you would need to call them and ask, or check online - there is a function that allows you to see which stores near you have them in stock). 
Their names are: 
Kardashian Kollection Striped Shorts
Kardashian Kollection Scalloped Shorts
Kardashian Kollection Tailored Trim Shorts
All of them are on Clearance, as it is the end of the summer season, and fall is upon us (even if the calendar or the weather doesn't think so!). Be sure to check with your local store as well, as they may have them marked lower than the online site, but if the online site has them marked lower, the Sears store will meet the online site's price.

My measurements are: Waist 34"/Hips 42", and I fit a size Large perfectly. Because they are on clearance, you may be hit and miss on finding the size that would fit you perfectly. I need to double check, but I think they can be taken out about an inch on the hem (I know they are short, but they do NOT show your hoo-hah when you bend over). A lot of the rompers of the day were also short, but still long enough to cover your hoo-hah. I think these would make a great stand in for those rompers (as I have yet to find a pair in the mall that fits the bill and covers the bases). Wear it with an appropriate tie-waist top or other summer top you have in your closet already. I would also advise wearing a pair of nude-colored boy short undies underneath, as in the pics, I am wearing a thong and you can make out that there are cheeks visible under the shorts (not a good thing!). I plan on picking my pair up on Friday.

If you call your local Sears store looking for them, you need to ask them if they carry the Kardashian Kollection "..." Shorts in a size "?".

If you are searching on, go to the search bar at the top and type in: Kardashian Kollection. After it brings up your search results, further refine the search by clicking on the Womens tab at the side of the search results. Just a note about delivery: If you order your order at a Sears store, you will receive free shipping (but you have to be in-store to order and receive the free shipping). 

So, while you're looking at your shorts, also take a look at the Kardashian Kollection's pencil skirt in royal blue with black polka dots: Kardashian Polka Dot High Waisted Pencil Skirt ( does not allow you to download the photo in un-pixelated matter, so it looks like crap if I download it). Not quite on clearance yet, and a little more than I like to spend, but very cute, very form-fitting, and high-waisted. Perfect for an office ensemble. Pair it with a sweetheart neckline top, like the one they also have on sale and looks like this: Women's Flocked Sweetheart Top (this is only in black online; we also have it in store in a royal blue, to match the polka dot skirt).

This set (which is sold separately) may be a little overwhelmingly formal for office attire, but perfect for a night out. If it's too formal for you to wear to the office, try wearing the skirt with a black button down, and the top with a black pair of loose-fitting trousers (or cigarette pants!). I love both of these pieces (and will be featuring the top in the up-coming Lucille Ball blog), and plan to purchase when the price is right (for me, providing that my size is still available). By all means, take a look at the Kardashian Kollection at Sears; they have a definite Chloe inspiration this season (the summer one) with vintage lines and silhouettes. 

I did pick up a pair of these for my vacation - they sit right at my waist, and have a flat front, which I like to help with my belly. They are also right above my knee, so they are a definite classic line of shorts to throw on to go to a poolside party, BBQ, or other end of summer invite. I plan on packing them for VLV next year. I just paired them with a vintage inspired top (which I unfortunately did not get a pic of =( ), and I was good to go. Laura Scott is a great Sears designer to go with as she always provides the vintage inspired and classic lines we PUGs are looking for. Here's another item you should grab a hold of (that is currently on clearance): swiss dotted cotton roll-sleeved blouse. I have been eyeing these for a while, waiting for the price to come down (and hoping that my size is still there when it does!), and Laura Scott also comes in petite sizing as well! As for these shorts, I wear a size Large, and for the blouse, I wear a Large Petite or a Large Regular (although I prefer the petite sizing for me; it gives me a better fit). Here are the shorts:

I was trying to be cute in the top photo, showing the behind. Sorry, won't happen again. =)

Here are a new pair of shoes I picked up at KMart this week on Clearance:

They have a slight wedge, which you can see in the top photo, plus the round-toe, with a cute grosgrain ribbon decor. I bought them in store for $9.99. You can see them here, in Coral. Also, on Clearance.
Here's a pair that I have had for a while now and love love love (and will be getting the brown pair to match as soon as possible!):

You can find them at KMart online as well. Very comfy, although they are flat, with no wedge whatsoever. I wear them during short shifts at work.

I plan on putting these, these, and these, on lay-away this weekend (did you know you could put items on lay-away online at KMart & Sears' .com sites? Very cool...). They have some great wedges to take a look at, as well as some of their fall flats coming out. If there is one designer to stick with, it's Jacquelyn Smith @ KMart - she does classic and vintage lines not only in her shoe designs, but also in her clothing designs.
Just a couple of ideas to get you in the shopping spirit for your vintage-inspired wardrobe!

Let me know what you think and if you pick any of these up... I'd love to have pics of you wearing them (and seeing what you pair them with!)!

Lots of PUG-inspired Love & Air-Kisses!

Double O Jenn ;)

Sorry all, forgot this very important piece of information:
DISCLAIMER: Although I do work for Sears, which is part of Sears Holdings Corporation (as is KMart), I DO NOT RECEIVE ANY MONETARY OR OTHER COMPENSATION FOR MY TIME OR MY OPINION OF THEIR PRODUCTS. I am not paid by Sears, KMart, or Sears Holding Corporation, in any shape or form for my endorsement or opinion of any of their products. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN AND FORMED ON MY OWN TIME, OFF THE CLOCK. I hope this clears things up for you. If you ever have any questions or concerns about this issue, please do not hesitate to email me and I will happily clear up your question or concern. THANK YOU!!!

Also, we have a great discussion going on in Forums on PUGStyle discussing non-going out shoes... great ideas, websites and links!

Question for ya'll: How did you create the summer romper look without succumbing to the rompers of today's shortness (hoo-ha viewing anyone?)?
Question #2 for ya'll: How do you feel about using a skinny jean (NOT A JEGGING) in place of a traditional cigarette pant? I think they may work (if you can find them with a high or natural waistline), but what do you think?

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