Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ebay Finds for the Weekend 08/02-06/2012

Hey Ladies -
Here are links to my ebay finds of the weekend... I promise that I will only post those items that have at least a week to bid/buy on them (a 3 day window past the last day of the weekend listed). I'll list the title of the item, give you a little description, and post the link with it. Hope you all get some great deals (and if you do, do share!)!! I'll post clothing, handbags, and any accessories that I think will help compliment your vintage look. Just a note about each: I am listing the titles exactly as the seller is listing them, giving you a search option if my link goes bad (and if it does, let me know ASAP!). I am also including whether or not I think the item is of true vintage... sometimes this is based on the details of the item, the looks of the item, my gut, whatever, but - since I am not a professional by any means - please look at the item yourself, message the buyer, etc to form your own opinion. I may make a mistake - I am human, they happen.
Here's to vintage buying... Double O Jenn 

August 2, 2012

Rare Large Size Vintage 50's 60's Wiggle Cocktail Mad Men Retro Dress L/XL: A very cute pencil wiggle dress in springy blues and purples. Nice tie accent at the waist. True vintage. Measurements are: B 42", W31",  H44" (additional measurements can be found in listing).  Here's the link: Rare Large Size.... Wiggle Dress 

Women's Stretch Knit Vintage Sz Medium/Large Mod Secretary 70's Sleeveless Dress: white on white embossing on this a-line simple secretary, would be cute with a belt. True vintage. Measurements are: B 42", W 38", H 44". Here's the link: White Knit.... 70's Mod Dress  

Vintage 50s60s Roses Floral Print Cotton Swing Garden Party Dress S/M: VERY cute red rose pattern sleeveless, full skirted dress. My guess would be true vintage with a zipper replacement or homemade in the 80s. Measurements are: B 36", W 26", H free (additional measurements in the listing). Here's the link: Rose Swing Dress

50s Phil Rose White Summer Blouse/Top w/lace 36bust: cute sleeveless, ruffled front top, perfect for office or play. Some yellowing mentioned along collar fold. Probable vintage. Measurements: B 36", length 21". Here's the link: White Summer Blouse

Vintage 50s60s Swing Skirt Party Dress Halter Top Multi Colors Floral Fabrics: beautiful swing dress with halter top. looks to be of true vintage in amazing condition. Measurements: B38", W30", H free (additional measurements in listing). Here's the link: Halter Swing Party Dress

1940s vintage PAISLEY FLOWER cotton Wrap Dress: true vintage, beautifully cared for. Pics look great - if it fit me, I would splurge on this. Measurements: B39", W29", H free (additional measurements in listing). Here's the link: 1940s full day dress

Vintage 1960s Summer Country Dress Purple Gingham Chicken Scratch Rick Rack M: very cute purple gingham summer dress with elasticized sleeves. Was apparently homemade w/ machine and self-embroidered. Looks cute for a cute little picnic or other summery/springy activity. Measurements: B38", W28", H48" (other measurements in listing). Here's the link: Purple Gingham Summery Dress

40s original WWII high waisted WAR TIME shorts PIN UP cheesecake ROCKABILLY VLV: very cute looks to be vintage pin-up silky high waisted shorts, with the name Erma embroidered on them. Too cute, perfect for photo shoots. Measurements: W 23", H 36, total length 16". See listing for additional comments. Here's the link: PIN UP shorts

And I'll be adding more during the weekend... stay tuned! =)

Ok, sorry about that... had to take a day to let some of the finds expire and become relisted (well, those that didn't sell anyway...). Here we go:

August 4, 2012

vintage 60s rare mod floral high waist summer shorts xs/s: very cute, very retro (probably vintage) bermuda length high waisted shorts with button detail in front (not denim)... the floral is in the yellow/oranges family, with a cerulean hint. Measurements: W 24-25", H 38-39" Here's the link: Vintage high waisted bermuda shorts 

Sweet Vintage 50s Pink Wildflower Pintuck Bow Day Dress + Belt L: I WANT THIS DRESS! That being said, if I lose to one of you, please send me pics of you in the dress so I know I made a good connection! That being said, the coloring is in pinks and maybe a salmonish color (it's sometimes hard to get a true sense of the color despite the best photography). It has a slight v-opening at the boat neck with a small bow right underneath, and ... ok, just check the measurements and click on the link already! Measurements: B 42", W 36", H 54" (probably NOT a petticoat/crinoline dress). Here's the link: Pink Pintucked/Bowed Day Dress 

Vintage Haberdashery by Personal Red & White Baseball Stripe Pencil Skirt Large: I would say this is more from the 70s, but can be easily used in 50s-60s vintage wear. Very cute, and as the seller states, perfect for some baseball team outings (amateur or pro!). Measurements: W 32", H 46". Here's the link: Red & White Pencil Skirt

Vintage ladies handbag - deep gold translucent vinyl - 1960s: this is a cute little kisslock top handbag. Perfect for a night out, when you don't need to stash a ton of stuff in it. Or perfect inside your bigger bag, just to pull out when needed. Here's the link: 1960s Gold Vinyl Kisslock handbag 

recycled pin up vintage purse from the Gabriel Ichak Design Studio!!: this is so cute, I bought one (so there's one left!) to take with me to VLV next year for my little trinkets that I find while there. Here's the link: Gabriel Ichak recycled pin up bag 

Lady Women Vintage Flower Long Wallet Purse Handbag Coin Bag Cosmetic Case Gift: this is NOT vintage, but more of a repro from China. It's very cute, ladylike and usable, and with free shipping, the price can't be beat. I did order one of the black - when I receive it, I will post the pics of it. I plan to use it for a cosmetics bag inside my purse, and if it works, I may pick a couple up for use inside my gym duffel or work bag. I'll let you know... Here's the link: Repro Vintage Kisslock cosmetic bag 

 Ok, that's all for today ladies... See ya'll tomorrow! Happy Shopping!! =)

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