Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good Morning and Welcome!!

Good morning dolls, and welcome to "Vintage Girl Shops A Modern World!"

Let's get down to brass tacks right off the bat ... this blog is aimed at all of you dames, dolls, pin-ups, and lovers of the 50s-60s era and helping you find that vintage look in the modern wares of today's retailers. We all have our favorite repro shops (Pinup Girl Clothing, anyone??), but the expense of a new dress can set you back a couple of months (or at least can set me back a couple of months). The quality and design is amazing, but unfortunately for some of us, not attainable in the time being. So what's a girl to do?? Go shopping, of course!

If you hit a Sears, KMart, WalMart, Target, JCPenny's, Torrid, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, H&M, Macy's (this list could go on forever), you can find vintage inspired clothing that will help you maintain that vintage look you crave. Right now especially, with the popularity of shows like "Mad Men," "Pan Am," and others, store's designers have been snapping up retro-inspired fashions faster than a cat with a fresh bowl of milk. There is room for pause there though - some of these are not the true repro that we are seeking, and some of them aren't worth the money. My goal here is to show you what's available, where, for how much, if it's available online (for all of you international gals), and any fit or design quirks that may be good to know. Also, if there are any sales or savings to be had, I will make sure to let you know as well - a girl can never be too penny-wise!

Now, you may be thinking "modern retailers are fine, repros are dandy, but what about true vintage???" Ladies, I have you covered! I will also hit thrift and vintage stores, with the goal of those stores who are willing to fill an order by telephone or online and willing to ship (for a fee). I live in Los Angeles, for Pete's sake... there are bound to be these stores out there (and I will find them!)!

Now, just hitting the stores and posting can get a little overwhelming... there's a lot out there. So, in order to streamline and hopefully help you find those looks you love, I will be writing about one Pinup Icon's style per post... The first will be on Lucille Ball, who many may not think of as a Pinup. She was, as well as so much more. I'll get into their style, consistencies, and where to find their looks on a budget. I will also include repro sites that carry their looks, because a girl can never be vintage enough. If there are certain ladies - current or past - that you would like to see here, please let me know in the comments section.

A word about the comments section:
I will NOT tolerate any disparaging, derogatory, mean, spiteful, or any other manner of inappropriate commenting. If you have a specific complaint about something in the post or maybe a little constructive criticism, I will happily post your comment - this is how I will know how I am doing and where to make changes if necessary. However, if you are posting any of the above listed inappropriate comments (or anything else I deem inappropriate) I will not allow your comment. We all need to be supportive of each other, each other's style, and appreciate the differences that make us who we are. There are enough places where a girl can be demeaned, criticized, and torn down that I am specifically choosing to not allow that here. Enough said... we're all big girls here, let's act like it.

A Disclaimer:
I currently work for Sears, of the Sears Holdings Corporation, which includes KMart. However, I AM NOT BEING PAID IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, IN CLOTHING COMPENSATION OR WAGES, FOR WRITING THIS BLOG. This also means that I am not solely going to represent Sears or KMart in this blog; as mentioned, I will be visiting and reviewing many stores that do not belong to Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC). I also will be giving you the notes on sales, pricing, and other important information as a customer - not as an employee. All of my notes on either Sears or KMart will be from my visits as a customer - off the clock. Hope that clarifies and covers any possible issues, and you will see this disclaimer at the bottom of every blog post in the fine print.

Ok, enough of the serious stuff... One of my first posts (hopefully within the next few days) will be on how the store's sales work, and which ones have rewards programs (and how those work), if they have scheduled sales days of the month, and basically how to get the most bang for your buck. Please bookmark it - it will (hopefully) help you save some moolah while still styling the way you rock.

Other notes for this blog site... I will have a list of blogs that I follow (both YouTube as well as written) that I think may be of interest to you, as well as a list of Etsy and Ebay vendors that I think will help you in your fashion desires. If I find an ebay sale that I think may be of interest to you, I will post it in the particular blog that it belongs in (and make sure that there are many more days to the auction/sale so that you actually have a chance of purchasing the item). If I find something on ebay that will end before my next blog post, I'll try to post that as soon as possible as a >>>Breaking News!!!<<< item post. I will also post DIY tutorials as I go along, trying to match them with the Icon Style post of that week.

This is a living, breathing, working blog... it may change as we go along to better meet both of our needs. The current goal is to post a Icon Style post every 2 weeks (Goals are good to have!), with any >>>Breaking News!!!<<< in between as needed. I am completely nouveau to blogging, so I may make mistakes (they happen!)... if you notice that I am doing a link wrong, or there is a problem with how things appear to you, please email me and let me know. Work in progress is definitely the motto here for the current time being!

Alrighty then, I think we've covered everything there is to cover... I truly hope this helps you find and define your style in a way that doesn't break the bank.

Fashionista 50s love and air kisses, xoxo
Double O Jenn


  1. This sounds great - good luck!! :-)

  2. Hey Jenn, great job! I'll be travelling the States for 3 weeks in a couple of days so I'll be checking out some stores as well. Love shopping in stores that we don't have in Australia and usually do my clothes shopping in the States each time I'm over.