Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Darling Readers, A Note...

Darling Readers,
I truly owe you all an apology. I had lofty goals for this blog, yet I have been unable to fulfill those goals as of yet. For that alone, I do apologize. I have never blogged before, so I do not think I truly understood what an undertaking this blog would be. Don't get me wrong here - I actually love doing this! But, I needed to structure my time so that I can deliver to you an informative, interactive, and enjoyable piece of work for you to read, learn and follow. I understand that your time is important; because of that, I do not want to fill these pages with frivolous tidbits, but instead with actual information (and maybe a few tidbits!) that you can use for your lives. Without providing excuses, the month of August has been insane; I went on vacation to celebrate my "neice's" 1st birthday, came back with a jaw infection, and have been moved up to full-time work at my job. On top of that, this insane August heat has given the "dog days of summer" a whole new meaning; walking to work = a sweat shower within 5 mins! I hope that everyone - west coast to east coast to international gals - are being safe in this heat and humidity, while trying to maintain the pinup girl look they walked out of the house in.

All of that being said, I have decided a couple of things:
1. I truly love the idea of breaking down a true blue Pinup Girl's look and creating the "modern" version of that for all of us. I said I would start with Lucille Ball, and I have actually been working hard on that. However, because I am going to be looking for specific types of items for each woman, this particular feature will more than likely be a once a month post. That gives me the time to find the right items to recreate her look in a modern way, as well as give you options from some of the repro companies that would also fulfill her style.
2. I think I will be creating a feature that will allow me to post as I find items in different stores. Last night after work, I went to both JCPenny's (discussion on that below) and Forever XXI. I just downloaded an insane amount of pictures from my phone (which will be edited through iphoto, then uploaded) on items I think will be of interest to you ladies. I am trying on these items as much as I can (and, as I found out, sizes VARY greatly, so I will also post that information, as well as a reminder to look at my measurements for a gauge, which are listed on the right side of this blog).
3. I need some feedback on a couple of posts that I created but haven't heard from anyone about: the Get 'Em While Their Hot! & Ebay finds of the week. I want to create a way to let you all know that there are items on clearance that are great finds, as well as auctions on ebay that would really enhance your PUG look. PLEASE LET ME KNOW (in the comments section) WHETHER OR NOT THESE POSTS ARE OF INTEREST/HELP TO YOU. If they aren't, then I will drop them.
4. I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO HEAR FROM BLOGGERS THAT HAVE BEEN AT THIS FOR A WHILE: what do you do to help you create, manage, and publish your blog that may help me as a new blogger?? Also, how do you download a picture from a store's website to post on your blog (I am having a lot of difficulty doing this...)?
5. I have an album of photos of what I wear, how I do my hair and make-up, to work a vintage look while living in and working in modern times. A lot of the girls that view these pics do find some help in what they show; would this be of interest to you on this blog site - a place where you can click on my pics and see how I work vintage in my everyday life? (This album is temporarily on hold as I need to purchase a new mirror, but I have plenty already done that I can post them here). LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!!
6. I would like to have discussions with you occasionally regarding issues that affect every one of us, but that are not necessarily related to finding vintage style in the modern retailers. In order to do this, I would need for ya'll to be willing to interact and actually discuss these things... please let me know if this is something you are interested in (and, if you have particular discussions that you would like to see, also let me know). When these discussions are had, I will do my absolute best to provide accurate and factual information, so they may take me a little longer to develop (because I absolutely believe in researching a discussion before spouting off random things), but it is something that interests me. Does it interest you?
7. Would a Facebook page be of help - with a place where I can attach links for you, an album of photos, a place to have an everyday discussion? I know there are several bloggers that use FB to link to their new posts, as well as post updated info, talk to their readers, etc. Would you be interested in this? 
8. FINALLY, DEAR READERS: I need to know if you prefer pictures with me trying on the clothes, pictures of the clothes in the store, or just the links to the item on the store's website? I would like to know what YOU want when you open a blog link, as well as what you expect. This would help me greatly.

Ok, I cannot guarantee the frequency of the posts... but I will promise that I am working on bringing you the modern world for your vintage look. Lucy will be posted before the end of August; right now, it's a matter of finding the items and photographing them in a way that will be visually helpful and appealing. I hope that ya'll stick with me while I'm getting this figured out, and I appreciate the time you spend looking at what I give you.

Now, I went to JCP last night after work in search of some of the items I found on their website (ones they said they carried in-store) and especially the Hollywood High-Waisted Pants they listed as I am in need of new work pants. I was both saddened and disappointed by what they have become. I remember going to JCP with my grandmother (the same one I went to last night, which is in both the same mall I went to while growing up as well as the same as I work at) to buy my first bra, to take pictures in the portrait studio, to do any shopping, really. It was utter chaos. Many areas were still cordoned off for construction (although there were no signs that said that), clothes were hung haphazardly, there was no rhyme or reason to the aisles or departments, and when I went to try-on some clothes I did find (never found those pants! I guess I have to order them from online), there was a line 4 women deep. I gave up - I had worked a full day and it was hot, and I had no desire to stand (there was no place to sit) in line to try on clothes that I wasn't dying to have anyway. It is definitely not the JCP I grew up with and grew to love; I don't know that I will like the way JCP is changing. I don't know if I will ever end up shopping there; I do know I will be ordering from their online store, and at the very least, I will let ya'll know what they've got going on online. As for the in store experience, I'll wait til they get it together. Then I'll give it another shot. And I'll let you know. Did any of you have this experience at your local JCP store? What do you think?

Forever XXI was a whole other experience. I am definitely NOT their target demo - well over the ages of 18-25 - and there was a definite experience of chaos, which seemed to work for the girls in shopping for the beginning of the school year. I will say that there were several employees that were around and asking if I needed help (maybe because I looked lost?), but the ones in the dressing room were ... um, not nice. Yep, that's what I'll go with. Maybe they were stressed because of the insanity of a dressing room with like 50 high school age girls trying on clothes and being snooty (yep, saw that first hand), but as a fellow retail co-worker, the attitude needed to be changed. It wasn't bad enough for me to go to management, but I was tempted. I figured, hmmm, it's hot, half of this stuff didn't fit, it's almost that special time of the month, and I worked a full day in retail... maybe I should check myself before I go off on someone. So I hung the rest of what I had tried on, and left. When I finish editing, I'll post my finds and sizing notes (really big discrepancies in what a size large covered! no joke!).

I also stopped at a store called Windsor. I haven't had a chance to see if they are online, or if any of you are familiar with it, but I've always associated the store with prom-y dresses. They do have other items (although I couldn't find the ones displayed on the mannequins to try on myself; and, as an fyi - most mannequins are wearing a size small or 5-6), but they have the prom-y stuff as well. I did find one fabulous dress (which I will post), but it's definitely for a black tie type of event. And it was a size 13, at a reasonable price (no, I didn't try it on - wasn't wearing the appropriate unders to really get a good feel for it).

Ok, darlings, I do hope you accept my apologies, and please, post your suggestions/comments/thoughts in the comments section - I do read them, and they are very important to me. I hope you have enjoyed my discussion of where I plan to go with this blog, as well as my dissection of my visit last night. I will post those pics, as well as further discussion, later this weekend. I hope to also do some more store visits during the rest of this week, and I'll keep ya'll updated.

My PUG love and kisses,
Double O Jenn =)

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